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Security for Apps and Games

Filter Apps and Games

With Supotco it's as easy as the flick of a switch. All the apps installed on the child's phone appear on your control console and you simply have to switch the app ON or OFF

parental control for apps

Configure daily play time allowance

Just place the App or Game switch on TIMED and set the daily time allowance.
All the Apps and Games placed in the TIMED basket and will automatically switch off after the daily allocated time. This functionality places the time management on the child rather then the parent avoiding many conflicts.

parental control app timer

Limit Apps and Games to Wifi

With just one switch you can limit the play time to Wifi. This means that the apps and games will only work when the phone or tablet is running with wifi.
This will save you money on mobile data charges.

limit app time to wifi

Ground your child from playing

Supotco has just one button to deactivate all App, Games or website access. By pressing the ground button the child can no longer access these functions. However the phone can still be used for calling and chatting with the family.

Ground multimedia play time
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Activity Log

Review alerts and warnings from child's phone

Through the activity log you can review all the events that have happened on the phone and when they happened

For example, it will tell you if someone not approved has tried to call or send an sms.

It will show when your child has triggered the alarm for a "help" request.

You will be able to see if your child has tried to exit the app with an incorrect pin number or even when he has exited the app with the correct pin number.

Just for security, it will also show when the battery level is below 15%

mobile phone activity log
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Security for Geo-location

Track your children in real time

Supotco allows you to track your children in real time anywhere in the world. By simply clicking on the child icon on your map, you can check the status of the following:

1) the status of the battery.
2) on which network they are (WIFI, 3G or 4G).
3) you can also see when the last update was received by our server.

These are the basic functions for optimal geo-location security as you know where they are, how much battery life is left and if they have network reach.

Geolocation on children phone

Change the update frequency to conserve battery power

In order to save valuable battery level, we have a switch which lowers or raises the tracking frequency according to your needs.
Just press the main meny iten "Tracking frequency" and it will shift from LOW to HIGH and vice versa.

Gelocation frequency activated


Gelocation frequency de-activated

Personalise your Geo-location icons

Each child's tracking icon can be totally personalised. Our program allows you to upload photos and crop them further. This allows you to give your application a real personal touch.

The Added advantage, is that, with a single glance of your tracking screen, you can immediately see where everyone is and which icon corresponds to which person.

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Supotco Chat

Chat directly with your whole family

Our chat functionaltity allows you to communicate simply and securely with your whole family. This has the added benefit of making sure that everyone knows the latest information and all children and parents have the latest news.

Our interface is very intuative with more features coming soon.

It is perfect for broadcast messages like: "dinner is ready, please come home" or "Hey Jack we have to go to football practice".

With our chat service you also avoid using the monthly sms quota on your mobile phone data plan. This avoids further cost and so pays for itself.

Supotco chat is a bit like the whole family sitting round the dinner table chatting; everyone you have set up in your Supotco Family can "hear"/see what everyone else is saying.

parental control chat
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Security for the Cloud

Define your approved websites

The Internet can be a wonderful resource if it's properly used. Sadly, the internet is a dangerous place too and children need to be protected from the ideas, materials and groups to which they can be exposed.

Supotco allows you to set the sites you children can reach. They will not be able to access any other websites.

Once the sites are entered, you can activate them per child with a simple flick of a switch. It's as easy as that. This allows you to grant access to different sites depending on the age of your child or simply your preference.

Our approach makes website utilisation safe and gives you fill control of your children's cyber activity.

Parental control for Internet securityactivate internet security for mobile phone
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Call Filtering and Contacts

Define your approved contact list

With Supotco, only the contacts you add to your Supotco Family Contacts can call or message your child.

Incoming calls and texts from unknown numbers are blocked, filtered out and logged by Supotco.

You can individually manage which contacts are available for each child on a per contact basis.

You can add a photo to each contact to make it more personable and practicle.

Our approach makes website utilisation safe and gives you full control of your children’s call and sms activity.

Filter contactsSecured contact list

 filter for screen

Control your child's Android device, on ANY network
from ANYWHERE in the world!

Supotco is digital
parenting, made easy

We put control of children's
Android phones and tablets
back in the hands of parents.
 filter for screen

Supotco is parental control YOUR way.
The responsible way

Secure your children's
contacts in real time

Supotco not only allows you to
decide who your child can call
& message, but also who
communicates with them
filter for screen

Safely let your children explore the digital world

Control the websites
your children access

Supotco let's you manage sensible
restrictions on your child's internet
access. You decide what internet
sites they can access.
filter for screen

Even when you aren't watching, Supotco is there for you

Geolocation & Tracking
with live status updates

Supotco let's you see where your
children are on a map & warns
you when something is wrong
filter for screen

Simplified parental control in the palm of you hand

Mobile Phone Security
for Apps & Websites

Supotco enables you to remotely
manage your child's use of apps
& websites from you PC,
Tablet, or mobile phone
filter for screen filter for screen

Safely empower your children, at your speed

Set your rules for
multimedia play time

With Supotco you can configure
the play duration of the apps
you have remotely authorized
filter for screen

Stay in touch with your whole family

Broadcast messages
directly to your family

Supotco's family Messenger
allows the whole family to be
connected at once.
"Come home for dinner"
is now very easy.


Android phone & tablet protection that's beautifully simple to use.

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Security for Apps and Games

Remotely manage restrictions & utilisation for apps & games
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Geo-location / Tracking

Easily monitor your child's location and give them freedom of movement
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Manage Website Access

Remotely manage which internet sites can be visited by your child
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Activity log

Review what has happened on the phone.
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Family Chat function

Stay in touch with your family directly anywhere in the world
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Call Filtering and Contacts

Manage secure contact groups & permissions in real time


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Supotco stars


This app goes hand in hand with the Supotco Parental App and it works awesome! IT ACTUALLY REALLY WORKS!! (unlike other apps that a child can figure out how to bypass). Right now it's geared more towards the younger child, but I contacted customer support and they told me how to do a few tweaks to make it work more like I wanted it to for my teen. And they say that they are working hard to bring improvements in the next update. But even now, I am thrilled with how it works! I'm so glad I found this app!!


Supotco stars

Couldn’t be easier

As an IT professional it’s always down to me to setup parental controls on anything, which is generally a pain and needs constant maintenance. How Supotco works where you specifically turn on individual apps and set them to use the time allowance or just be there all the time using an On/Off/Timed switch, couldn’t be easier


Supotco stars

Suptco has been an absolute godsend

Supotco has been an absolute godsend. After an operation left me housebound at the start of the school holiday I was dreading the impact it would have on my 8 and 9 year old boys. After the simple setup I was happy to let them go out and play with their friends knowing where they are and being able to keep in touch with them.

Kim D

Supotco stars

He can let me know where he is, if he needs me.

My son is coming to an age where he wants a phone like his brother and sisters, but i was not keen on giving him one as i didn't give his siblings one until they were older. He is also pushing to go out with friends, which again i didn't allow because i can't always go with him and his friends live to far away for me to let him walk alone


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Supotco stars
The app, created by Cricklade-based Supotco, allows parents to remotely manage the use of apps and games, manage which websites their child can visit, and screen calls and contacts. It even locates where their youngsters are. Read Full Story...


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